czwartek, 11 września 2014

KDE Akademy 2014

I'm writting this article sitting on 3 hour flight to Madrid where I'm going to spend next week being on holidays. Still on my mind there's one thought How am I suppose to live and be happy not writing patches for Kexi??? Actually I know I will find answer to this question. Just want to make a point how spending two days at Akademy 2014 affected my attitude towards programming and life. But to start with..

Who am I?

My name is Wojciech Kosowicz (wkosowicz, wojak). I'm software engineer. About half year ago I met Jaroslaw Staniek who I asked on the ways I can learn qt and next thing I remember was email confirming my devloper account at kde. I'm actively contributing to Kexi project.

Akademy 2014

Being enthusiatic about qt, kde, open source I decided to attend Akademy 2014. Never expected it gonna affect me so much in so many ways. I attended only first two days of Akademy. Actually you cannot learn a lot in such short time in the form the first two days are organized but that's not the point. The point is that you get around all these amazing people and you get to interact with them. People are very nice. I remember feeling a little lost at the first night dinner and out of the blue appeared Jonathan Riddell and started talking with me. I spent whole evening meeting people, playing games, enjoying time in general. I really can't describe Akademy. I would just say that this is not a conference it's experience that you have feel by yourself. Next year I will definetely attend hopefully all week so I can actually learn something. Overall experience from 0 to 10 is MAX_INT :))))

What's next?

As you probably noticed I haven't written a lot about conference. I'm sure there's already a lot descriptions of it on the internet. I'll just say that KConnect was the thing that impressed me the most. I also enjoyed two mini hackatons with Jarek(staniek) at the room. Pretty great!! I came back home more motivated than ever to work on Kexi (pushed two patches while being at Akademy) and other projects.  Again words cannot describe it. I know this is not short term hurray enthusiasm that's gonna wear off in a week or two. My life/career has just started a new direction. Don't know where is it going exactly but it's a place I want to go and I know there's a lot of KDE patches and reviews along the way. To sum it up I'm happy, I'm motivated I'm going to enjoy a week of holidays in Madrid then I come back and start working on Kexi and Kate(I promised at Akademy I will do a patch and I will deliver!!)
See you on the other side (of reviewboard:P)!!